What Are You Going to do When You’re Not Saving the World...?

Darryl Kevin Jones Jr, who goes by his middle name Kevin, was born in Washington DC to a Marine Veteran and his lovely wife back in February 1986. Growing up, he underwent moving from place to place, before his family eventually settled in Prince Georges County Maryland. Kevin grew up in an environment that was challenging and constantly changing. The battles of living on the Maryland and DC border of Southern Ave, in the '90s and early 2000s, created the spark that would lead to where he is today.

Hardships, crime, and poverty were less than a block away from his doorstep. It wasn't long before trouble came knocking at the door. Fortunately for him, he was able to keep himself occupied. However, this did not stop him from witnessing the pain of others as he had to now navigate through the pressure of life on the streets. As he got older, he seemed to become more serious and rigid. Others would assume that he was always upset. He called it a state of deep thought. Since he was in high school, he has always wanted to find ways to make changes in his community, to relieve others of their pain. As a Veteran of both the US Navy and US Army, Kevin seeks to use the same vigor and dedication he had while serving his country to help those whose voices are muffled and cries are neglected.

On September 11th, 2001, Kevin was in his 10th grade P.E. class when they were shown the coverage of the twin towers collapsing. This is when his life was changed forever. In 2005, Kevin joined the US Navy and one year later, was sent on his first deployment. Kevin would go on to complete two more deployments before eventually coming back to Maryland in 2010 after an Honorable discharge from the Navy. He immediately joined the US Army Reserve Unit the 392nd Expeditionary Signal Battalion out of Baltimore MD. Kevin has conducted humanitarian missions throughout the world and has helped men, women, and children. This is when he realized this is what he was meant to do. Though he was never able to attempt the US Army's Specials Forces Assesment and Selection and become a Green Beret, he still follows the motto "De oppresso liber", to liberate the oppressed. The people of this country, in some parts, are oppressed, and if one part is oppressed, all are oppressed.

In 2012, Kevin pursued a career in law enforcement for a short period. He felt at odds with what he was trained to do, versus what he felt he should do. He was so used to protecting others, it felt unnatural to be the one restricting people of their liberty. While he has the utmost respect for law enforcement, he realized that it was just, not for him. Kevin struggled for a few years after; from one job to the next, he attempted everything from modeling, acting, working security for 2 nights a week for $5 per hour, HVAC work, he was a Garageman for the US Postal Service making $13 per hour, he attended Barber school, and worked as a Car Salesman for Sheehy Ford in Marlow Heights MD making $8 per hour before finding his footing in Information Technology.

You may ask yourself why the drive. Kevin has been through a tremendous amount in his personal life at a young age. In 2007 he was married to his first child's mother. His daughter was born a week after his birthday in February 2008. He saw her for the first time after his second deployment, she was 3 months old. Kevin and his wife at the time divorced and they each received joint custody with his ex-wife having physical custody. There was no court battle, just instructions for him to meet with a financial planner about child support. Kevin was hurt, everything went extremely fast and he had no time to react. He was then determined to change what had happened, to change this to keep others from having to deal with the same. A year later in February 2009, Kevin enrolled in Hawaii Pacific University for his Bachelors in Justice Administration. He wanted to change the laws of child custody, however, along the way, he discovered his passion for wanting change, in every area of life, this was the beginning of his journey.

Before filing for his divorce, Kevin was falsely accused of Domestic Abuse by his ex-wife. A friend of his in the police department informed him, Kevin then called the police and turned himself in. He was arrested and spent the night in jail. He was released the next morning, with no information, just told to have a nice day. Kevin later struggled with this stain on his record. Even though he was never charged or convicted, the record was still there. He didn't realize until later that this was the cause of him missing out on opportunities in the Army and the reason he was turned down by every police department in the state of MD and DC police. He later wrote a letter to the Deputy Prosecutor asking for a personal letter on his behalf, the letter stated that no charges were given and no action was taken by the state to prosecute him. He also applied for his expungement letter and received it promptly. However, when things were said and done, it was too late. This is where his story picks up in 2010. Nonetheless, his drive to not fail was not to prove someone wrong but to keep a promise he made to a 2-year-old, on October 30th, 2010, the last time he's seen his firstborn child. He promised her that he would come back for her, that he would figure out a way to come back to Hawaii and get her. So far, 8 years later, he has made much progress.

In June of 2014, Kevin applied for a position as a Network Engineer while working as a Car Salesman. He had no formal training and could only remember the information he had YouTubed a few days prior. He was called about a week later and went through an initial phone interview; he passed. A few days later, he came in for another interview and passed. He was offered a position as a Network Engineer under the conditions that he passes the training program. From July 1st, 2014 until November 30th, 2014, Kevin struggled, worked, studied and trained to become a Network Engineer. He would be up at 6 AM, get on the metro by 7 AM, get off and take an hour-long bus ride to the training location, leave work at about 8 PM and study on his way home. He received his first contract for Nissan at the end of November in 2014. Since then, he has learned the material and became a well-rounded engineer, started at $20 an hour in 2014 and now makes over 6-figures working for Leidos. Aside from Nissan, Kevin has worked General Electric, Pacific Gas and Electric in Northern California, Booze Allen Hamilton and GSA during the 2016 Presidential Election (he helped to build the network infrastructure for Trump and Clinton), AT&T contracting with every department within the treasury and now Leidos on a contract with the IRS. He also Co-Founded his own small business in MD, an IT consulting company. Kevin has gone through more than you would know, he can relate to just about anyone.

As a Veteran of both the US Navy and US Army, Kevin seeks to use the same vigor and dedication he had while serving his country to help those whose voices are muffled and cries are neglected.


"I can no longer sit back ineffectively spewing emotion toward the screen. I can no longer sit back and watch what is unfolding before me and provide no efforts to ease those who are in pain. Until my end, I will encourage the transformation we need in this country. I have no passion for politics, only the immense desire to help as many as I can. Selfishness is eating away at this country's foundation, maybe selflessness can steer us back on course to greatness.


I swore an Oath, back in 2005, that I would defend the constitution and the American people from enemies both foreign and domestic. Today, in 2019, I am a Veteran and that Oath will unendingly hold and be on Active Duty. My Oath has no party affiliation and it rises to all citizens of this country and all persons seeking shelter within our nation. Our Ancestors were travelers to this country. Some were fleeing oppression, some were seeking profits, others were captured and taken away from their homes. Our development as a nation depends on constant change, revisions and becoming accustomed to what has resulted.


I am trying so hard to believe in this nation, but believing is not enough. The matters occurring in our country is feeding a raging flame inside of me. I am hurt, I am angry, prepared for the worst yet hopeful. My purpose is to shield the people of this country and those who come to this country seeking refuge and a new home. Whatever it takes, I will never lose hope in the people of this country." - Kevin Jones


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